Taking Care Of Our Seniors And Veterans

We as a Commonwealth owe so much to our senior citizens and veterans, and we must do a better job of taking care of them. I have been a champion on expanding the senior circuit breaker tax credit by doubling the cap. The senior circuit breaker is the best way to provide relief to property taxes and rental relief that affect our seniors. Seniors should not have to worry about being priced out of their home as they have helped build the community to what it is today. The senior circuit breaker helps over 100 million seniors in the Commonwealth, it ensures that low to middle income seniors are not paying more than 10% of their income is not being spent on their property taxes and half of their utility bills whereas it also ensures that seniors who are renters aren't paying more than 25% of their income in rent. Expanding the credit by doubling the cap on the credit ensures that the credit keeps up with inflation. Additionally, I have fought for additional relief for low-income seniors and veterans by allowing communities to waive local excise taxes as well as expand property tax deferral for low-income seniors. I have also fought for our Prisoners of War by trying to make them exempt from paying state income taxes as well allow communities to secure parking spaces for veterans in large retail parking lots.

The Commonwealth also passed a major veteran relief bill known as the Speed Act. Key provisions of this bill included in-state tuition continuity for military-connected college students: ensures that a member of the military stationed in the Commonwealth, their spouse, or their children are deemed an in-state resident after their acceptance at one of the state’s higher education institutions. Establishing Massachusetts National Guard family education program: establishes a Massachusetts National Guard Family Education Program to allow National Guard members to transfer their unused education benefits under the National Guard Education Assistance Program to their dependents. Establishing a tax credit for employment of National Guard members to support small business: establishes a tax credit for businesses that employ members of the National Guard. We will always fight to support our veterans.

The Vietnam and Korean War Memorials in North Attleboro