As an Eagle Scout, protecting our outdoors and being conservation minded have always been sincere priorities for me. For me, the area that I am most passionate about is ensuring that our residents have access to clean drinking water and that our local bodies of water are protected from pollution. Our office has fought for millions of dollars in funding for local projects to ensure we are addressing the issue of PFAS in our water, for example we were sucessful in getting $9,000,000 in financing to improve infrastructure at the McKeon treatment facility in North Attleboro to addres the spread of PFAS. The legislature also fought to expand access to off-shore wind and solar energy throughout the Commonwealth. We have also worked to improve our grid readiness as well as invest in decarbonization efforts to to become net-zero in our state by 2050. Dredging the Ten-Mile River is very important to me as it has affected economic development and public health in our region. We have built strong relationships with our federal designation to secure funding for this project as well as support from the Army Core of Eningeers. This project will continue to remain a focus of ours for years to come.

Fulton Pond in Mansfield
Falls Pond in North Attleboro
Attleboro Springs